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Best Sandwich

The best food make you feel good!

Luna's kitchen formed when my love for food got a bit too much, If you catch my drift! What was i going to do.

My background is in hospitality, Insurance & Healthcare, I thought here is an opportunity. I will draw both on my vocational experiences and my passion for food to provide a service with a WOW factor and Luna's kitchen was born.  

Not only we provide a tasty fresh fast food and delicious food, we understand and recognise the importance of customer service.

Here at Luna's Kitchen we are dedicated to providing a top quality service always with a smile, whether you need something on the go between meetings or indeed for your meeting, we will have something just for you without compromising on the taste or service.


Looking for a tasty treat

If you want a tasty treat for later or to share (maybe!) then we have something for you

Having a gathering? Feeling overwhelmed with all that you have to do? Then let us take on some of this stress and provide you with one of our platters

Need a cake, just because the day of the week ends with a 'y', well look no further

Just Dial 01628 820120

Customer Service is the heart of our business because your experience matters to us.


Passionate for customer service

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